February 3, 2005

Perfection ?

I once watched a beauty pageant show on telly. The moderator said this in a press conference : "We are looking for a woman, who has a perfect face and body, perfect beauty." This sentence made me think, what is perfection actually ?

According to the pageant's moderators, a perfect woman is the one who has blonde hair, long legs, big boobs. And ironically, almost everyone has the same perception of perfection in term of a woman's beauty. We, modern people, claiming to possess freedom of our own mind, are in fact being brain-washed by the images of beauty magazines. When you come to think about it, are those women who don't have blonde hair, etc IMperfect ?

Perfect :
1. Lacking nothing essential to the whole ; complete in its nature or kind
2. Being without defect or blemish

The word 'perfect' itself has different meaning to each individual person.
To art-lovers, perfect might be a Picasso's abstract painting (which , for me personally, is not perfect at any rate, since I can't understand what's behind those blunt colours).
To a mother, perfect is her ear-piercing loud, crying baby (Yikes ! I hate crying babies!)

See ? Perfection is only about our own different perception, point of view, background, favor, etc. So, who are they, we, dare to categorize what or who is perfect and who isn't, based only on our own subjective ignorance ?

----- me ain't perfect -----

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sapy said...

According to me, perfection or to be perfect is only a target that makes people try to improve ^0^. Besides, the moment “perfect” is only a wink of time thou ^0^.