November 24, 2007

Pindahan ah #3

I was shallowly devastated because I couldn't go to Egypt on holiday :)

Bye bye Egypt

Ok, before you start protesting, I know this is too much, 3 entries in one night. But I am just totally inspired right now. Maybe ‘inspired’ isn’t the right word, maybe it’s more like ‘releasing the need to blabber’ (is that the right term?) after the 3-year-writing-vacancy, and I’ve never kept any journal either.

My Egypt trip is officially canceled. *sobs*

I was planning to go to Cairo with a friend for the Christmas holiday… am really looking forward to it. But I’ve just recently realized that I have to extend my visa in December, and the process will take about 2 weeks approximately. I couldn’t book the ticket, because I wouldn’t know when exactly I’ll get my passport back. Yes, they will take away my passport. And after I get back my passport I can’t go either, since the plane tickets price will be soaring high. I think the big guys from those airplane companies can buy a new car every Christmas!

And the friend, who’s supposed to travel with me to Egypt, goes to Paris instead! And same old story, I can’t go, I won’t have any passport….

poor me poor me… *self pity mode on*

So, I guess I’ll have convince myself to face the fact that I’ll be spending the holiday in Berlin (just like every other years)..

*for P.S : if you read this, don’t forget that you still owe me an Egypt trip!

Pindahan ah #2

I wrote this for my dear friend or cousin who hated her job back then.

For my dear friend, the SQ girl :)

Be brave, little girl
for courage is what counts
I know it’s tiring to put on a fake smile
and that you feel like you can’t carry on.
But time flies, little girl
And when it’s all over,
you’ll look back and smile at the memories
and the tears you now shed.
I can’t hold your hand,
but I’m all ear for you.
That I can promise.
Be strong, little girl
for your friend will always be here for you.