November 24, 2007

Pindahan ah #3

I was shallowly devastated because I couldn't go to Egypt on holiday :)

Bye bye Egypt

Ok, before you start protesting, I know this is too much, 3 entries in one night. But I am just totally inspired right now. Maybe ‘inspired’ isn’t the right word, maybe it’s more like ‘releasing the need to blabber’ (is that the right term?) after the 3-year-writing-vacancy, and I’ve never kept any journal either.

My Egypt trip is officially canceled. *sobs*

I was planning to go to Cairo with a friend for the Christmas holiday… am really looking forward to it. But I’ve just recently realized that I have to extend my visa in December, and the process will take about 2 weeks approximately. I couldn’t book the ticket, because I wouldn’t know when exactly I’ll get my passport back. Yes, they will take away my passport. And after I get back my passport I can’t go either, since the plane tickets price will be soaring high. I think the big guys from those airplane companies can buy a new car every Christmas!

And the friend, who’s supposed to travel with me to Egypt, goes to Paris instead! And same old story, I can’t go, I won’t have any passport….

poor me poor me… *self pity mode on*

So, I guess I’ll have convince myself to face the fact that I’ll be spending the holiday in Berlin (just like every other years)..

*for P.S : if you read this, don’t forget that you still owe me an Egypt trip!

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