November 9, 2009

Cute little fluffy girlfriend from hell

Honestly, I never thought of myself as someone who makes other people's lives a living hell, but today I have to admit that I am in fact a girlfriend from hell, (complete with sharp fangs and whip), moody and short tempered (only towards boyfriend, curiously).

Today I was having my mood swing for the 1 millionth time. After being temporarily autistic through the afternoon, occassionally snapping at my bf, and ignoring him most of the time, it was 5 PM already and we were planning to make some vietnamese roll, so I left the house to go grocery shopping without saying anything to him. I was standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus to come, and there he was, running to catch me at the bus stop, holding an umbrella. Yep, it was snowing and raining. Then I got on the bus, still ignoring him. Got off the bus, still pretending he didn't exist. And he was behind me all the time, holding the umbrella for me. Yaay, I had my free personal umbrella boy basically!

Apropos umbrella boy, there're always these boys (ojek payung) in Indonesia when it's raining, renting out umbrellas to people. Imagine yourself standing in front of a department store, you have to walk for 10 mins to your car and it's raining heavily. Then one boy offered you an umbrella to rent for 10 cents, so you took the umbrella, started to walk to your car, he's following you, soaked to the bone. You reached your car, gave him the 10 ct, and he went away, looking for another 'customer'. It's sad but hey if they can earn some extra money, why not? since the government doesn't give a darn about giving them some proper living and education.

Anyway, back to me. So, there I was, snapping at and practically abusing my bf. But instead of snapping back at me, he kept quiet and kept sheltering me with his umbrella while trying to keep pace with me
(which is admittedly quite difficult since I was walking fast originally then slowed down out of sudden just to get on his nerves ---> this.. I failed miserably). He then cooked some soup at home, washed the dishes, still not saying anything.

Long story short, after the silent dinner (mea culpa, of course!), I went to the bathroom to pee and found out I'm having my monthly period, which is a totally logical explanation of why I was being so bitchy, hee hee (lame excuse!). Since the period was kinda out of schedule and unpredicted, my panties was blood-stained. So, I soaked it in some water, planning to wash it first thing tomorrow. And guess what, my fluffy hunny bunny bf washed it for me! I wasn't even aware of him washing it, till I saw the stain free panties. How cool is that!!? Even my mom wouldn't do that for me definitely!

It's either he's a masochist (self reminder: get him checked! :p) or he's head over heels in love with me, (Mind you, I know it's the latter..) but I never thought he'd do such thing for me after what I did to him.. Well, I guess the saying is true then: 'love is blind'. If I were him, I would've snapped back at me, or at least ignored me :) Hm, wait! or is this his tactic, playing the 'sweet-angelic-silently hurting-bf' card? If it's true, then he really knows how to play his card, since I'm feeling guilty right now.. ('the power of manipulation!' *cursing under breath).

Well, either way, I think I'm going to snuggle up to him, bat some not-so-long lashes and give him my cutest 'I'm sorry' look plus those huge doe eyes for extra effect (I'm SO going to buy those circle lenses!). And it doesn't hurt either that he thinks I'm ├╝ber-cute, tee hee :D