December 11, 2009

I love papa..

*got this from some indo. forum. Very touching.. thought I'll try to translate and share..

Normally a young woman who is working or studying abroad, away from her parents, will miss her mother.

But what about father?

Perhaps because it's mom who calls you regularly to ask what you're doing, but do you know that it's dad who reminds her to call you?

When you were little, mom was the one who told you stories and fairytales, but do you know that after coming home from work, with tired face, it was dad who asked her what you were doing the whole day..

When you were a little girl, daddy taught you how to ride a bike.. He would take off the extra side wheels once he thought you can.

Then mom would say,"Not yet dad.. Don't." She didn't want her little girl to fall and get hurt.

But do you realize? Father would let you pedal while watching you and taking care of you from behind, because he knew his little girl can do it.

When you cried and whined for a new toy or doll, mom would look at you with pity. But dad would sternly say,"Later, not now."

Do you know, dad said so because he doesn't want his girl to grow up being spoilt?

When you caught a cold, daddy would be worried and would shout,"I've told you no to drink cold water!"

Unlike mom who watched and advised gently, know that dad was really worried about you too.

When you're a teenager, you started demanding him to let you out at night, and he would firmly said no.

Do you know, he did that because you're very precious.. Afterwards you would get angry at him and slammed your room's door on him.. Mom would come knocking on your door and try to calm you down.

But do you know, that daddy closed his eyes and held his emotion, because he wanted to grant your wishes, but he had to take care of you..

When a boy called you or even came around, daddy would look super cool :)

When daddy even eavesdropped your conversation with the boy, did you realize that deep inside he felt jealous?

After you gained his trust and were allowed to go out at night, you would break his curfew.

So he would sit in the living room, worriedly waiting for you to come home.. And when he saw his little girl came home late at night, he would scold you.. Do you realize that's because he'd foreseen what he dreaded most, that his little girl would soon slip away from him..

After highschool, dad would force you to become a doctor or an engineer. Know that he did that because he's thinking about your future..But still he kept smiling and supporting you even if you chose other ways..

When you grew up and had to go away for your study, he took you to the airport and rigidly hugged you.. He smiled, gave you 'this and that' advice and told you to be careful..Deep inside, he wanted to cry like your mom and hold you tight..

But he only wiped away his tears from his eyes, patted your shoulder and said,"take care of yourself, dear."

Dad did it all for you to be strong, to be an adult..

When you needed money for your study and living, the first person who frowned was dad..He would work hard to provide your needs. But when your demand was no longer a new doll, and he knew he couldn't give you what you wanted, he would say,"No. Can't." But deep inside, he really wanted to say,"Yes dear, daddy will buy you that.."

Do you know, at that moment dad felt like a failure because he couldn't make his little girl smile..

When you graduated, dad would be the first one standing up and giving you applause. He would proudly smile seeing his little girl's becoming an adult.

And then, a man came to ask daddy's permission to take you away from him..

Dad would carefully give his permission because he knew, this man's going to replace him.

And at last, when daddy saw you at the altar with the man he thought deserves to take his place, he would smile happily..

But do you know, on this day he went behind the wall and cried?

Daddy cried because he's very happy and he would pray silently,"God, my job is done, my beloved little girl had become a beautiful grown woman. Please give her happiness."

Afterwards, daddy can only wait for your occasional visits with your children..with his greying hair and weakened arms which can't protect you from danger anymore..

Daddy has done his job..

Daddy is a figure who always has to look strong, even if he wanted to cry and couldn't hold his tears. He always has to be stern, even if he wanted to pamper you.

And he is the first person who always believes from the very beginning: "YOU CAN"

*My papa didn't teach me how to ride a bike when I was little, but he taught me the most important thing in my life: how to be a realist and still look at the world with a smile and positive attitude. And he does always believe I can :)

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Sheila said...

Very beautiful Wie.. Gw hampir nangis (tapi ketahan berhubung gw di kantor) hahahaa..