March 19, 2010

A rendezvous with bahasa Melayu!

Last week I went to dinner with a Malaysian friend..

He said,"Hey, you're so comel!"
I was like, What?? You're saying I'm very talkative?
He: Huh? talkative?
Me: Yea lah, you said I'm comel mah.. It means talkative leh!
He: No laaaah... It means cute aaah!

So, comel in indonesian means talkative.
but in malaysian melayu means cute.

He: "Hey, have you watched the movie 'Pontianak'?"
Me: Huh? There's a movie about Pontianak? I didn't know.
He: Ya laa.. It's very scary one!!
Me: How come scary? It should be quite boring mah.. documentary style right?
He: Waaah... You're not afraid of ghost movies, right?
Me: Ghost movie???? Huhhhhh?
He: Yea lah,, the way the Pontianak laughs.. wah, got goosebumps leh!
Me: Wait! you mean KUNTILANAK ?? Pontianak is a city in Borneo leh!
He: Nooooooooooooo.... the female ghost is Pontianak!!!
Me: Kuntilanak!!
*now we're staring agressively at each other...

Hahaha, apparently he and I are both right..
Pontianak is a female ghost in Malaysia and also a city in Borneo in Indonesia.. -.-'


So, we now decided to use english to communicate. It's failproof :D

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