April 23, 2010

Now I'm whole.

I've been through hard times in life,
pain was and still is my best friend.
But I'm glad,
knowing I was given the chance to know how beautiful life is.
I've seen the darkest night,
so I can appreciate the beauty of daylight.
I've shed litres of tears,
so I can appreciate a faint smile.
I didnt get all things I wanted handed on a gold tray.
I had to fight for so many things people took for granted.
But I'm glad, I've been given the privilege to mature in my young age,
to grow up, to see beyond the dark horizon.
learning the art of acceptance, perseverance, and happiness.
I know who I am, my capability, my depth.
I know I still make mistakes, recognizing and learning from them,
trying hard to fix them, but in the same time was forced to let go.
But now I can say, I've done what I had to do.
I know I still have so many things to learn,
but I also know I've always taken responsibilities into my own hands,
doing my best, never blaming God, people nor destiny.
Thanks for all those in my life, who had teached me significant lessons.
And a special thanks goes out to someone out there,
You've opened my eyes, seeing how ignorant immature souls can be.
And thanks to your words,"Don't wait anymore.", I realized,
I am steps ahead of you, and true, I won't wait anymore.
I'll stop expecting and pushing a stubborn child to grow up in a blink of an eye.
It will take an eternity. Hardships and experiences still need to be endured.
I was hurt and broken, but I've risen above the ashes.
I've learned my hard-earned lessons.
So now I can smile and say that no matter what,
my. soul. is. whole.

Wi, a fragile little girl reluctantly trying to grow up

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