February 28, 2012

See how the world revolves around me?

An old friend asked me what present he should give to a girl he fancies on her oncoming birthday. He's thinking of a necklace.

Me: "How close are you both?"

He: "Not that close. We usually meet at prayer meetings."

Me: "No jewelry. Too personal and over the top for someone you're not that close to."

Me: "Find out what her interest is, get her a book. Or a framed poster, I dunno, religious or motivational one. You pick. If you want to make it more personal, design one yourself."

He: "Yeah, that's cool. I will design her a poster. Hey, could you find me nice german quotes or poems?"

Me: "German? And you expect me to translate it in English or Indonesian for you!?" (*Negative thinking mode: on. I know him too well :D)

He: "Nooo. Original German is fine. I want her to remember me. She knows I used to live in Germany. It's kind of a personal touch, you know."

Me: "But she doesn't speak German.."

He: "So?"

Me: "... So what if you used to live in Germany or Galapagos? This is a gift for HER. It's about her, not you. Stop being self centered. Get her something she'll love to read, appreciate. Giving her a German quote while she doesn't speak the language is just like you giving her your shirt. She'll remember you. But what use does it bring her?"

-- Sometimes I wonder how shortsighted some guys can be :)

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