November 15, 2008


Weekend with nothing to do,

took a look at my closet, saw that it's quite über-full, decided to clean it out to accommodate my new purchases, :D I started to sort my clothes, and realized I never even wore like most of them. In these years, I just bought those clothes, and somehow they just got buried and forgotten. As I was looking online for places where I can donate them, I stumbled upon Oxfam.

I've heard about Oxfam before, but never really knew what they do, I knew they have this second-hand-shop chain, I even passed by their store a couple of times. Well, after some light researching I found out that Oxfam is a humanitarian organization, working on issues like climate change, poverty, health and education, fair trade etc, kind of remind me of Body Shop (ah, I loooove their products..)! Ok, I think I've found a proper new home for my clothes..

Their second hand shop's concept is that they take clothes, books, antiques, etc donation and resell them. The money from the sale will go to those causes.

So, now I'm sorting through my mountains of clothes, planning to bring them to the nearest Oxfam shop, and from the look of it, I'll need a big suitcase. Anyway, I have to make sure that the clothes are clean, stain-free, and in good condition, which is not a problem, since they are practically new.

But as for WHEN I'm going to bring them over is the good question. I'm just TOO lazy :( That's just so typical me, planning but not executing.

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