November 14, 2008

Plain looking me

My guy friend has this bizarre theory "a plain looking girl has bad personality". Actually he used the word 'ugly', but I think the word ugly is too harsh. He said these plain looking girls usually have jealousy issues (jealous of their prettier counterparts), which leads to much bitching.

He stated that this pattern can be seen on little girls, and more specifically his cousin, a plain looking little girl. She tends to crave the parent's attention by using damaging means. She fights often and gets jealous of her siblings, since her parents naturally love their prettier siblings more than them (this is his theory). And she will always have this attitude even after she's grown up.

Is this only a shallow theory from an immature boy justifying his tendency of hitting on pretty girls?

If this is true, then plain looking girls really have to work harder in this life, don't they? Since they're condemned to have even worse personalities. Plain looking equals plain personality. No outer beauty and no inner beauty either.

Oh, maybe that's why I have this blatantly rude personality! Ah, I wish I were prettier so that I too have charming personality. Does this sound stupid to you? maybe yes, maybe no.

Every girl has her own insecurities, even if she's already gorgeous. I know this one very pretty girl, everyone thinks she should be an actress and will give her 9 out of 10 for her beauty. You sure will think that she's very confident given her looks, right? Well, you're wrong. She still craves for attention of the opposite gender and likes to collect her fans like trophies just to brag and reassure herself of her beauty.

Everyone has this 'am I ugly' down syndrome, we all know that sometimes we have this 'omg, I'm so pretty' moments, but also those moments where our self confidence hits the bottom, and there we start to question our own attractiveness.

If we had the most supportive environment where beauty doesn't matter, then it would certainly be easier to deal with our insecurities. But unfortunately for most, we grew up to the Vogue image. So, there goes our self esteem, if there's even any.

I hereby declare that I officially hate Gisele B√ľndchen for her perfectness I see on magazines. See? how my friend's bizarre theory just works... plain looking girl like me (compared to Gisele) gets jealous all the time. But have you ever thought that maybe, MAYBE, Gisele gets jealous too? or maybe there are moments where her self esteem hits the bottom? If she does, it justifies us the 'normal' people to feel that way, doesn't it?

Honestly, I myself never thought that I'm that ugly. Sometimes I sit in front of the mirror and fall in love with my own reflection. Mind you, I even kissed my reflection and thought," jeez, I'm good looking!" (Did I just admit that!?). But when I read those mags, I don't feel so in love with myself anymore. That's why maybe it's good to have supportive people around you to constantly remind you that you're beautiful. Or maybe we girls should form this support group where everyone assures everyone that he/she is beautiful instead of criticizing each other, like we all know girls do?

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