February 25, 2011

I think the world is mad

I am currently surrounded by friends who're quite religious.. and they don't like me 'swearing'. To be completely honest, I like using the word 'Shit', and they aren't really so into me saying that. Then I asked them,"If I say 'pee' or 'bogey', is it ok?". They said,"It's fine."
At this point, I was baffled, why couldn't I use the word 'shit' but it's fine to use other terms of bodily waste.. Isn't it all the same substance coming out of human body? Who defines the term 'shit' as a curse/ swear word?

Another case, I called a friend,"Monkey." I meant it as an endearing nickname with no mean intention whatsoever.. And these 'church' friends kinda scolded me.. which got me into thinking,"Why is 'monkey' or 'dog' categorized as an insult, whereas 'cat' or 'fish' doesn't count as one?"

Am I mad or is it such a dichotomic indoctrination of society, which leads to public madness?

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