February 25, 2011

Sue me, I'm unspiritual!

I know a guy who is very sensitive to other people's feelings. It's like he can read people's hearts only by seeing through their eyes. He also read me so well that it's practically spooky!
It's quite interesting how I always begin my sentences with "I THINK, bla bla..."
Whereas he," I FEEL, ..."

"You don't pick up a vibe?"
In other words: Some people - the intuitive, soulful and spiritual among us - can pick up a vibe, and others - the flat, dull, literalists, like me - can't. I resent this.

Maybe the soulful and spirituals who're blessed with the see-through ability are those with sincere and clean hearts. Unlike me, who's proud of my judgmental little black heart.. So, I guess I'll just give up and accept the fact that this is definitely not my area of expertise.

*on second thought, maybe these people are those who are used to listen to their hearts.. I guess there's a particular language between our heart and the universe.. Maybe it's what they called enlightenment, the moment where a person finds the missing link, which connects our heart, God, and everything under the milky way.. The bridge which had been repressed by overrated modern logic, arrogance and human ego.

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