June 13, 2011

A childish attraction

Speaking about children, I went shopping with a few friends yesterday and out of sudden a blonde 5-year-old boy followed me everywhere in the store and held my hand.. His dad called him and even threatened to leave him there but he just didn't care and kept stalking me. Then I led him out of the store and handed him back to his dad but he pushed his dad away and ran back to me.
Me: "Look. Your dad misses you already."
He just shook his head and kept holding my hand until his dad decided to prise him away from me.. And boy, did he cry, struggling to reach me and kept waving his hand at me..
His innocent cuteness and honesty kinda touched me somehow.. :)

And if you think of it, how easy life was when we all were children, free to fall in love and express our feelings without any inhibitions nor boundaries.

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