January 13, 2012

Hello, responsibility!

A good friend of mine is very stressed out at the moment, as his mom's suddenly diagnosed with a rare spinal cancer grade 4 and will undergo series of chemotherapy. As the only child, he has to quit his current job and start to run his mom's business.
I can still remember two months ago, he was still laughing and told me that he wanted to enjoy his life as a corporate employee with no big responsibilities for at least the next five years, before actually having to take over his family's business. Well, things change.

We went out to drink last week and he said, he wouldn't be able to go out so often anymore, now that he had to work hard and take care of his mom. I didn't know what to say, so I just smiled and patted his arm,"No worry. You'll get through this. Just call me if you need to talk or hang out."

We always have excuses when we're really not that into something, or when we're afraid of what the future may hold. "I'm not ready", "I can't do it", "Maybe later", but unfortunately life won't wait until we're ready. Sometimes we just have to jump off the boat before we even learn to swim, but maybe that's the fastest way to learn to swim, isn't it? If we keep saying "later", we probably won't learn to swim afterall.

It reminds me of a time when we went to a club and the club was closed before our alcohol effect wore off. Seriously, it sucked. But what can you do? Well, in this case we could just move to another club. But sometimes we just have to shrug our shoulders and get sober.
A kitsch german music video about some guy who doesn't want to stop when the party ends.

Nein man, ich will noch nicht gehen
No, man, I don't wanna go yet.

Ich will noch ein bisschen tanzen
I still wanna dance for a bit!

Komm schon, alter
C'mon, dude.

Ist doch noch nicht so sp├Ąt
It's not even that late yet.

Lass uns noch ein bisschen tanzen
Let's dance for just a bit!

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