December 24, 2011

Her Christmas Wish

I wish Santa Claus would send those people who think they're godsends all the way to North Pole, leaving us to struggle with our own dark nights of the soul by ourselves.
Yes, I'm talking about religious fanatics, evangelists, about people who believe the Holy Spirit has led them to success and wealth. Im talking about those who, buoyed by their own faith, claim privileged access to the divinity and appropriate God's name to justify their every action, including the act of boring others with sermons and maybe even irking the Almighty with their pestering.

Leave poor God alone, especially when it comes to your personal glory. Giving him all the credit is tantamount to hubris, and it belittles the Almighty, presenting him as a god that only cares for the winners.

Here's what I dont need in my life: anyone who's concerned with the state of my soul and salvation, assuring me that Jesus loves me and that only the Truth will set me free. Whether Jesus loves me or not is something I'm quite happy to leave to the Savior's good judgment, as is whether Santa Claus thinks I've been good or bad this year. I object to those wise guys who think it's ok to tell me what Jesus or God thinks or does, and lays claim to the Truth.

Source: The Jakarta Globe by Desi Anwar

Can't agree more on her opinion. I just wish those holy guys who know so well what God wants would finally start practicing love instead of pointing fingers and casting the first stone to people who they deem as more unholy than them. You guys do not get to decide whether or not I'll be burned eternally in hell. Just live and let live. And for a change, start being more tolerant and accepting, which I think is what Jesus himself had been teaching about : Love one another. And here I don't recall him saying anything about loving only your fellow holy neighbours who live up to your standards.

"I like your Christ, but I don't like your christians. Your christians are so unlike your Christ" -Gandhi

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