December 26, 2011

So come 2012

I know so many people who were hurt and are afraid of getting hurt again.
I won't judge, since I can relate so well to them. Life hasn't exactly been disneyland-ish for me either but I personally think joy and sorrow always come together, just like shadow and light.

Lets talk about pain.
We human beings cant live alone, we'll always have people around us, people we love, who love us and they might be those who hurt us the deepest as well.
But if we think of it, sorrow will always be present in our lives. People will always hurt us, be it accidentally or purposedly, no matter how we shelter ourselves or hide, pain will always find us. We'll get hurt, we'll hurt people, people leave us, or the other way around, it's a never ending circle. Some think they have found everlasting happiness in their marriages, but some marriages don't last, and even if they do, it takes a lot of efforts. As you see, behind every light of joy, there's always the shadow of sorrow lurking behind. And in the end comes death. We will lose and leave.

So, now we know that pain and sadness are always there. There's no way out of this misery circle, so why won't we let ourselves be happy for a change? Open our hearts and take every little happiness life can offer. Every one of us deserves to be happy once in a while, don't we? We all had our fair share of swallowing bitter pills in life, why don't we take lollipops if we have the chance?

Those who'd been hurt badly would probably say,"I wont open my heart anymore, I prefer to stay in my grey zone, where I'm not happy but at least I wont be hurt that much"
Well, everybody has the right to choose how to live life. You might say I'm an ignorant donkey who falls twice in the same hole, but somehow my lust for life conquers my fear. And all I know is the ships that are safely anchored to the harbour are indeed shiny, unbattered by the storm, but they don't get to see the beauty and vastness of the oceans. And that's not what ships are built for.

I've had my fair share of pain, to which I finally broke down and hit rock bottom.
I used to think I was a supergirl. I refused to be beaten down, I refused to give up and I refused to cry. But things had been hard, and I got lost, I was broken and I've cried. In the end, I have to admit reluctantly, I am not a supergirl. I'm just another human being, just like my fellow human beings out there. It took me a while to finally admit to myself that I'm not as strong as I thought I was. But I promise myself this, I've learned my lessons and the bitterness of life won't beat down my hope and optimism. The secret is to live in the present. Not even the strongest man is strong enough to shoulder the luggage of the past and worry of the future.

Having learned my lesson now I know what I want.
I want to be more like a sea shore.
Observing and experiencing the high and low tide sweeping in and out
Enjoying and basking fully in the moment of high tide
Watching and letting go of the sea water ebbing away along the low tide
Those tides might have swept a number of my sands away,
but I know I'll never run out of sands of hope,
bracing myself for the next upcoming high and low tide.
So come, 2012, bring me what you have and I'll greet you with head hold up high and a smile on my face.

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