December 6, 2008

Drama oh drama

am currently watching this taiwanese romantic drama called Fated to Love You on (just register and you can watch asian movies and dramas for free)

Synopsis (I just copy-pasted from some forum) :
A really unfashionable working class girl Chen Xin Yi has the desire to tie down her handsome boyfriend to be with her. Due to certain reasons, her boyfriend gets her to go on a love cruise and she started to ponder on how to lose her virginity and tie down her boyfriend. Xin Yi ended up getting drunk and went into Ji Cun Xi's room. Cun Xi is the sole male heir to his family's company and has been in love with his girlfriend, Anna, for a long time. He planned to propose to Anna on the boat but she didn't turn up on the cruise. An island owner added drugs into Cun Xi's drink and Cun Xi became disorientated and returned to his own room. Xin Yi and Cun Xi end up having a one night stand. Xin Yi later finds out that she's pregnant and Cun Xi's grandmother forces them to get married. Will a couple forced to marry for the sake of their unborn child find love with each other?

I've always complained that taiwanese dramas are cheesy and so cliche. It is always those kind of Cinderella plots, where this stinking-rich boy meets this poor girl and suddenly falls in love. So annoying... But I always watch them desperately too nevertheless :P Well, I admit, I just complain because I'm jealous, tee hee,,, and it doesn't hurt either that the main actor is kinda cute..

Hm, this kind of drama is really unhealthy for my own emotional balance. The main actor always does those unbelievably romantic things for the actress. I then started self-pitying , sighing, and wondering,"Ah, why is there nobody doing such things to me?", and so on. Afterwards I started thinking if real people even do those romantic gestures in real life. I don't think so, do you? Maybe those drama plots are just invented to lead us, girls, to some wishful thinking, fulfilling our own imagination and wishes

You see how strong the media's influences are ? No wonder children need parental guidance, even I still need one.. :D

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