December 16, 2008

Obsession with plastic surgery gone wrong

Before :


After removal of foreign substance:

Hang Mioku had her first cosmetic procedure at the age of 28 and hasn�t stopped since. She is now 48. After she started, she soon moved to Japan to have even more procedures done because doctors in Korea refused to do any more operations.

Shortly after many procedures were done in Japan, Hang returned home. At this time her parents could not even recognize her as their daughter.

According to the The Daily Telegraph in London, her parents were able to convince that she had a psychological disorder and got her into treatment. But it didn't last long as Hang found yet another doctor who injected her with silicone.

The doctor even gave Mioku a syringe and silicone to inject herself with. Eventually, she ran out of silicone and substituted cooking oil. Yes, she actually injected cooking oil into her face and neck.

By this time, Hang is so disfigured and everyone who sees her is talking about her. She was soon seen on Korean TV and viewers sent in donations to help her have surgery to try and reduce her face to a more normal size.

Surgeons who performed the operation say they removed 60g of cooking oil from her face and 200g from her neck. Although more procedures have been performed and her face is getting back to its original size, the damage has been done and she will forever be permanently disfigured. She now says she may have gone too far, and would like to look like she originally did.

----> Cooking oil !!!????? I just can't believe this woman really did this to herself..


The tai-tai (wannabe) said... singaporean blogger itu jd cakep abezzz...

Anonymous said...

yes, we were learning in school, about surgeries that went wrong.

Anonymous said...

She was so beautiful, she lacked self confidence. It's because what society instills in our youth that you have to be size 3, look like a model that makes many feel they have to go to these extreme measures to look BEAUTIFUL.