December 19, 2008


I didn't know what to wear to the christmas costume party yesterday. A friend suggested me being a zombie or a mummy, as it is quite easy. As a zombie I only needed to wear a pair of pyjamas and loads of powder on the face. And as a mummy, well, toilet paper and cellotape. But I still want to look nice! I snapped at him..

Went through my closet, trying to figure out what to wear, saw long flowing skirt, scarfs, ethnic shawl, babydoll top. Hey! the Gypsy look! Browsed the internet, found this

My attempt to create this look :

Accessorise, accessorise !!!
- 3 necklaces
- big hoop earrings
- bangle and bracelet
- dark smokey eyes
- I would like to do the red lips version too, unfortunately I don't have any red lipstick.
- headscarf is essential

At the entrance, guys were given a ribbon and he should give it to a girl, whom he thought is the most attractive. I got quite a few, so I think I must have looked quite decent :)

These ribbons matched my outfit pretty well.

Flower from some random guy

I forgot to bring my camera to the party... *sigh* So I didn't have any photos of other people's costumes. There were count dracula, sado-masochist, angels, cat girl, spiderman, transvestites, phantom of the opera, etc. I'll try to get some photos from my friend later. It was fun afterall.


The tai-tai (wannabe) said...

hihih...good job!! xmas party loe di berlin mpe kpn wee?????

Wi Les said...

g di berlin bakal sampe tgl 27 dita...
ayuk ketemuan......