December 16, 2008

The successful one?

Since I've posted the 'gone wrong' version of plastic surgery before, I'll post some 'right' version..Frankly I have nothing against cosmetic surgeries (I don't like the word 'plastic'), if done right. Hm, I know you'll think I'm being vain here, well, I AM vain, and proud of it ;)
I see cosmetic surgeries as some kind of extreme make-up, which girls wear all the time to cover some imperfections anyway, kinda like the permanent eyebrow tattoo, or eyeliner tattoo, for example.. If we're all for the natural beauty stuffs, then we could also stop applying those make-ups.

I think they are pretty after the surgeries --- note the plural here, they've gone through MULTIPLE surgeries to achieve their current look.

DAWN YANG, she's a famous singaporean blogger



You have to admit that she's pretty, right? Well, maybe a tiny bit too 'barbie'ish... but gorgeous nevertheless...

Some anonymous girl out there

Before :

After :

LUCY LIU, we all know her. The two first photos were taken from her first tiny role on Beverly Hills 90210 in year 1991.

Her recent photo

Notice the change on her nose?
Ach, I just love her exotic beauty....


sapikurus said...

the first girl, the bloggger one...she is indeed prettier after op, but its not her anymore. its way too different..isnt it?
in this case i do not agree, that this plastic thingy is just so called permanent makeup... its more like i-wish-i-was-julia-perez..
na.. bottom line , its ok as logn as it done properly. i always hated extreme makeover

Wi Les said...

yep indeed, she even looks eurasian now..
I-wish-I-was-Julia-Perez? LOL, at least that wish comes true, doesn't it? ;)