November 29, 2010


A friend and I were discussing about the South-North Korean tension and the possibility that it would escalate to a full scale war. And if a war really outbroke, what would we buy?
I would say instant noodle (hey! it's essential, war or no war) and gold. Forget cash and government bonds. Post war, currency is bound to be hit by inflation, which means your thousand dollar cash would probably only buy you a loaf of bread. And bonds? Governments will collapse, power void and transition will prevail, meaning that your old bonds will go down with them. Well, if the worst comes to the worst, of course you can use the bonds as toilet paper if you can't afford any, thanks to the inflation. It's everybody's free choice actually, but since gold is the universal currency with the most steady value, invest in gold!! Forget God, it's the era of GoLd, baby!


your choice.

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