November 21, 2010

An open letter to some taiwanese

It all began with the controversial disqualification of the taiwanese taekwondo athlete by a korean referee in the Asian game held in China. And the hell went loose. The taiwanese cursing the chinese and korean, burning korean flags, planning to boycott korean products, etc etc..
Seriously, how ignorant can you people be?

It doesn't have anything to do with the koreans in general.. It's the prerogative of the referee..Ok, maybe he was unfair, so? curse the referee, petition him, ask your government to send some official protest letters to have him fired. But unfairness in sport games happens everywhere. Remember the last world cup? How the referees did many controversial decisions? Did the national team's supporters lash out against the people of the specific nations, of which the referees come from?

I think the reason you guys lash out is because you guys are frustrated. You know you'll never beat the chinese and koreans. Come on? How many gold medals did you Taiwanese earn? Umm.. like 6 ?? And how many did the chinese and the koreans earn? Ok, before you guys start finding some banal reasons to justify your lost to the chinese by saying how the chinese must have cheated or how big the chinese population is, let me remind you.. They are indeed good at every international game..even the olympics. And if you're going to say how small Taiwan is, remember, South Korea is not that huge as well. And how many gold medals did they earn, in comparison to Taiwan? like 53 to 6 ??

Some Taiwanese wrote in a forum: "I never liked the koreans before. Now I hate them even more." Seriously, how many Koreans does he get to know in Taiwan? Growing up and living in Taiwan means you guys have practically NO foreign friends. This statement is so ignorant and judgmental.

Another girl wrote about boycotting korean products," Of course it has everything to do with the koreans. Let's say, I let a fruit seller sell his goods in front of my house. But he's unfriendly towards me. If I still buy his goods, then I'm stupid." Hey, then scold him, confront him if you want. But you condemn all fruit sellers? You know why? because you don't have enough power or courage to confront this fruit seller one on one, so you vend out your frustration at other sellers. How stupid is that?

Ok then, boycott the korean products, show your twisted nationalism.. But what's with the flag burning? Does the referee's decision have anything to do with the nation's policy or something? Be rational please, and you called yourself educated people? Let me tell you something, if I were to take side, I would take the chinese side instead of yours, although I don't like the chinese mentality as well. It's just the simple truth.. China is much stronger than you. That's just logical. Who would support the weak? Stop being idealistic, even utopistic.. Fair or not, what can you do? nothing! So stop that twisted frustrated hatred and move on people!!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

no one give a shit about Korea, in general people think Korea is Kenya, or never heard of

Anonymous said...

Korea used so many Taiwanese products and label them as made in China, funny, why don't you just boycott taiwan products

Yeah we don't buy your korean products so what, if you don't care about Taiwan then why blog about it, we can do whatever we want, it's freedom of choice, we didn't invade your country. it's not illegal to burn your flag. protest was legitimate. your inferiority complex need to be fixed dude.

Anonymous said...

Taiwan is a joke. They are losers in so many ways and they pretend that they don't care, in fact they just dump their stupid angriness elsewhere, a whole island of twat.