November 22, 2010

Make up is magical

With make up technique nowadays, we don't need a fairy mother anymore.. Make up is magic itself!
As I was youtube-ing, I happened to stumble upon this 'before-after make up' show and my jaw dropped! This is so cool..

Yay!! Long live make up!!
Do the girls give private make up lessons? I'm so going to sign up!
(and here goes the opinionated bitch with her rant....)
As much as I'm shocked by their transformations, I'm more disgusted by the moderator's comments. He's saying degrading things like,""If you get married and take off all your makeup, your husband will divorce you after seeing you without any." I know it was meant to be a joke, and I tried to not be a tight-ass, but that was so tasteless and downright rude! As if he was so good looking to begin with. He seriously needs a mirror. And to make things worse, he said this on a TV show aired nationally, imagine those little girls watching this and growing up with the idea of vanity.. This kind of show really promotes low self esteem.. No wonder they all suffer from inferiority complex which they've demonstrated really well on these illogical ungrounded anti korean sentiments.

--- This rant is to be continued
Refer to "Taiwanese inferiority complex"

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