November 14, 2010

W talking shit

From The 3 Idiots! Love love love this movie!

It's sung originally in Hindi, and here's the english translation

When life goes out of control,
Draw back your lips,
Whistle and Exclaim!!
Aal Izz Well!!

How can a hen know the future of its egg?
Will it get life or get fried on a pan,

No one knows what our future will be.

So Draw back your lips,
Whistle and Exclaim,
Brother, Aal Izz Well!!
O Brother, Aal Izz Well!!
Uncle, Aal Izz Well!!

Nobody knows the solution
When a solution is found,
We lost the track of ‘What was the question?’

When your heart is restless everytime,
Keep a hand on your heart and console it,
The heart’s an idiot, knock sense into it with kindness

So Draw back your lips,
Whistle and Exclaim,
Brother, Aal Izz Well!!
O Brother, Aal Izz Well!!
Uncle, Aal Izz Well!!

I guzzled te liqour of scholarship,
but the despair, didn’t lessen.
The incense sticks burnt to ash,
But we didn’t see the God!!

How can a goat know what happens to it (life)?
Will it be skewered or will it be minced?

No one knows what our future will be.

So Draw back your lips,
Whistle and Exclaim,
Brother, Aal Izz Well!!
O Brother, Aal Izz Well!!
Uncle, Aal Izz Well!!

The lyrics is funny and deep in the same time.
No one knows what lies in the future...
It reminds me of my fave childhood song, Que Sera Sera..

"When I was just a little girl,
I asked my mother, what will I be
Will I be pretty, will I be rich
Here's what she said to me.
Que Sera, Sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours, to see
What will be, will be."

I suppose that's the key to our inner peace, not worrying about the future and focusing on the present..
We all have so many questions about the future. Just some Qs on top of my list..
"Am I going to be successful?", "What am I going to do with my life?", etc.
Fear and worry about the uncertainties we will have to face.. or not..
They said the burden of the past and the worry of the future will bring even the strongest man down.
I guess the saying is true..

Some people believe in prophecy, fortune telling and superstition.. paying money to have their future predicted.. Frankly, I don't believe in fortune telling.. I do believe that our future is a mystery and is supposed to stay a mystery.

Let's take it this way..
I went to a fortune teller and supposedly she told me that I'm going to be hit by a car next year.. I would come home feeling depressed knowing that something bad's going to happen, and probably I would live in fear for one whole year, imagining the worst, not knowing exactly when it's going to happen.. What good would it do me? the fact that I'm going to spend the rest of my life worrying and being afraid?
Well, if we took it another way, let's say, I'd do things I'd never done before and seizing the chance to live my life fully while still preparing for the worst.. Yes, maybe it could be a good thing, but to do these things, I didn't need to know my future either, did I? That's just the whole meaning of "carpe diem" (Live life the fullest or seize the day). I just have to change my mindset without having to know what my future will look like.

I had a friend who bragged that he could predict the future using 3 ancient chinese coins. He'd throw these coins and depending on which side the coins landed, he'd fortune tell. He had this book, in which there're all possibilities of the coin's outcome and what it meant. For example, he would throw his 3 coins.... 2 coins showed tail and 1 coin showed head. He would check the book for the meaning. He even earned some money from people asking him to fortune tell.

I was skeptical at all this, and said that this coin throwing was all just a theory of possibility.. like throwing dice. Then I asked him to predict mine. He said, he couldn't, since I'm not a believer, it wouldn't come true. At this point I started questioning: the prediction would only come true if I believe? Well, it just shows that it's all just a self-fulfilling prophecy, isn't it? Some kind of placebo effect? It's just human nature, if we were afraid or excited about something, we would somehow accelerate the process and do anything unconsciously to make it come true.

If he told me I wouldn't pass my exam. I would feel depressed and unconfident of my intelligence.. And if we're unconfident, the chance that we succeed in anything will be slim.
And if he told me I would pass my exam, it would boost up my confidence and there's a big chance I would do good on the exam. We human beings need validation and confirmation to be self-assured.

Take another example.. I read my horoscope, and it said I would meet a great guy today. Most probably if I believed it, I would be happy.. If I were happy, I would smile a lot, which would make me more attractive.. Guys would find themselves to be attracted to me, wouldn't they? So, big possibility that I would indeed meet a guy today..
Turn it the other way around.. The Horoscope said I would have a bad day.. Then maybe I would be grumpy, and people would be bitchy to me as well right? Bad mood is contagious. Teehee..

Another reason why I don't approve of fortune telling.... Sometimes I think fortune telling are for people who are lazy, superstitious and need excuses for failures. If things didn't work out, they would simply say,"Well, it's pre-destined and not meant to be." So, in the end, they didn't really work hard to achieve something.. Call me judgmental or bitter, but I've got to know such people who think that everything is written on the stars and they do not need to make any efforts.. So, in the end, I would prefer not knowing my destiny, so I would try to realize my dreams and give my best, even without knowing if I'm going to succeed or not.

Anyway, back to the topic.. We can see how afraid we are of the future, and we deal with it differently, some pray, some fortune-tell, etc to the point that we all forgetting the fact that what we do today influences our future enormously.. and that we should be concentrating on today instead of the past or future.. And for the future? Well, let's take a deep breath, embracing the peace of living in the present and say "All is well.."

“The past is history, the future is a mystery, but today is a gift—that’s why they call it ‘the present’”

*Hey, who am I trying to fool here? myself? an acute control freak? Easier said than done apparently.. I suppose this is what they called "Talking sh*t" :D

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